Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC


"Allison Levy is incredibly reliable, compassionate, attentive, and proactive in the care and tending of my horse.  I travel frequently for work, sometimes on last minute notice, and on every occasion I've needed horse care Allison has been flexible with her schedule and enthusiastic to take on the additional work load.  The peace of mind that comes from knowing my horse Savinna  is not just tended  to but loved by someone with years of experience in this business is beyond measure." Sarah Brown Portland Oregon

"My dog, Annie, loves to see Allison come to our front door.

Annie was an abused stray who trusts very few people who

approach her or our home and has been known to snap at those who try to get too close. However, she has been easily won over by Allison’s gentle demeanor and loves the massages that she receives from her. Because Annie is elderly, she experiences stiffness and has somewhat limited mobility. However, following the massages that she receives from Allison, Annie’s overall health has improved and is, therefore, a much happier dog.

When Annie is happy, I am happy"- Geri, Damscus Oregon

"Initially, I started using Allison’s massage services for Echo for her hip dysplasia. As I hoped, it has helped her tremendously. She’s more relaxed and seems much more comfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised though that the massage has also really helped Echo’s intestinal issues. I’ve been able to reduce the amount of steroids needed to control her issues and her appetite improved exponentially. On top of that, Echo really enjoys getting the one-on-one attention that Allison gives her. All-in-all, it’s been a great experience for all of us. " Katie Flynn  Portland Oregon

"Allison was really there for Lacey in her final days. The massages she received enabled her to run, something that would have been uncomfortable for her to do prior to receiving massage therapy care. I really appreciated the time and effort that was given to improving Lacey's quality of life." Emily, Portland OR