Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC

 Shelter Animal Gallery Success Stories: Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC  has worked  to heal and rehabilitate the hearts of shelter and rescue animals by offering these very special animals loving, and reparative experiences through the  help of canine massage therapy, friendship, time , hard work and dedication.  

Animals with conditions of severe  anxiety to aggressive like behaviors tend to be very misunderstood which can lesson their chance for adoption. What many folks do not understand is that aggressive and anxiety like behavior can take months to heal because of the way stress affects the body over time, which can have a serious and lasting effect on physiological processes that can affect one's behavior. In reality these animals are having a normal physiological response which serves as a side effect of long term stress or trauma.

In combination with friendship, time, love , and canine massage therapy the animals start to heal and  relax which lowers the physiological processes that can result in aggressive and anxiety like behavior, and increases their chance of adoption.

Below are just a few of the animals I worked with, each dog had specific obstacles that they were able to over come and were able to land them selves into a loving home!