Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC

Additional Testimonials:


"Allison was fantastic! I needed someone on short notice over the holidays to walk and snuggle my Basset hound. She was fast to respond and get together, my dog loved her immediately, and she took awesome care of my girl while i had to be away. Kept me up to date with texts and pictures which helped relieve my guilt lol. I would highly recommend Allison, and will be using her again myself!"  Brooke Portland Oregon


"From the very start--namely, speed of her reply to Thumbtack search-- Allison has been prompt, efficient, reliable (as in answering of phone calls & texts or in appearance for appointments that were made): all in all, she is very professional in how she conducts her business!
She is also affable & personable (without being too chatty) so that it is a pleasure to deal with her. Her ease at handling our very big dog (94 lbs) shows her competence & extensive experience with animals. She has shown herself to be both trustworthy & capable; and our dog loves her!!" Bettina Portland Oregon


"I have 3 goldfish that I purchased a few years ago for $.13 apiece. They went from a 10 gal. tank to a 20, to a 40. The largest fish is now 9 or 10 inches long (including tail).
No, I want to add my thoughts of Allison. I found her on line (she was the first and only person I called to care for my 3 dogs, a Great Dane, a Lhasa Apso, and Chihuahua mix, while I flew east. I was gone about 2 weeks.....but when I returned, the dogs all greeted me briefly, then went right over to Allison. That spoke volumes to me! We all just love her and the genuine love she has for even fish! God bless you, Allison, and may He richly bless your work. We need more people like you." Peggy Gresham