Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC

        Four Legged Family Massage Services  LLC was inspired by a very special dog named Brian my own dog Forest who has since past,  as well as the many dogs horses and family pets who have come into my life that has blossomed from therapeutic care. From helping aging and hospice pets cope with the aging process to helping competition animals feel and preform there best I have spent a life time of studying large and small animals. My back ground includes a B.S in Animal Science with emphasis on Animal Behavior, Animal Health, Animal Management, Animal Welfare and Shelter Animals. I am also certified as an canine and equine massage therapist. In addition I have taken extra classes in  Animal Behavior, Genetics, Medical Physiology, Microbiology, and extra classes in techniques for geriatric pets. I also interned with a holistic veterinarian and spent countless hours working on dogs and horses. While my background in caring for family pets is intensive the most important ingredient is love.